Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists provides the best residential pest control services in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We offer one-time pest services but in addition, we offer quarterly pest prevention without a required contract. Whether you’re suffering from bed bugs, weevils, spiders, or another annoying pest, our residential Indianapolis exterminators will protect your family and pets.

Indianapolis Pest Protection

It’s common for pests and rodents to hide during the winter months so you can expect they’ll re-emerge around Spring time. Certain pests can be more common in certain areas. The most common residential pests reported in Indianapolis are bed bugs and cockroaches. This year, we’ve noticed that infestations of these two pests are on the rise in our area. Our professionals have been busy handling these pests, but we encourage you to phone us, regardless of the type of pest, to see how we can help.


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Our pest prevention plans at Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists can help you keep the bugs out all year long, so when the seasons change you don’t have to worry about what pest problems you’re going to endure. With a maintenance plan we come out at scheduled times to treat and check the property for any new pest concerns. Should you have a concern in between your treatments just give us a call.

Yearly pest maintenance is ideal for residential properties that are in a high-risk location; near wooded areas, close-living quarters, etc. It’s also ideal if you simply want peace of mind, knowing that should a pest problem happen, you have a reliable company ready to tackle it.

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If you want to protect your home, you can probably see the benefit of having consistent residential pest control maintenance performed for your Indianapolis home. It’s much less hassle to exercise pest prevention than to wait for a problem to happen. Call our experts at Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists at (317) 474-6571 today and we’ll be glad to assist you.

What Our Customers Say

“I saw a roach and instantly panicked. I wasn’t about to mess with them on my own. You guys were so great at coming out to help. You weren’t pushy or try to sell me more services that I didn’t need. Thank you!” – Nathan B., Indianapolis, IN

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