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Fleas are an annoying irritation that nobody likes having to deal with.


Lately, we have been receiving a higher number of calls regarding flea problems.   Our company has developed treatment options for all kinds of fleas for residential and commercial properties in the Marion County area.

Fleas are wing-free insects that have mouthparts adapted for piercing skin for bloodsucking which is their food.  They move about from host to host by jumping and they’re really great at it.  If you have ever noticed a flea on yourself or another surface, you have likely witnessed their fantastic jumping skills first-hand.

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Flea Control in the Home

Fleas can easily become embedded inside of an individual’s hair in as little as 10 minutes.  If you have pets and they become infested with fleas the problem will worsen faster than a home without pets.  If you or your pet(s) get bit by it can cause soreness, redness, possible pain and irritation, and itching.

If you decide to try DIY flea removal methods make sure you read the labels thoroughly and carefully. The same applies to treatments you use on your pets.  These external parasites can be a troublesome pest to deal with but relief is possible when you rely on our professional flea exterminators and solutions.

Call Our Indianapolis Pest Control Specialists

Let our professionally trained technicians treat your pest issues right now!   Fighting a flea issue in your home can be a challenge.  For every single one you discover, there are generally many more undetected.  Don’t let your home become infested with fleas.  Call our removal experts at (317) 474-6571 today!



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