Facts about Indianapolis

Are you interested in learning more about Indianapolis, Indiana.  You’ve come to the right place.  Indianapolis, Indiana is a city located in central Indiana and is the capitol of Indiana.  With a metropolitan population around 2 million people it is a large city in the Midwest.

Indianapolis is known for having the Indianapolis colts, Indianapolis pacers, and one of the most famous races in the world–the Indianapolis 500.  Located in Marion, County Indianapolis is the 16th largest city in the United States by land area, and is the 27th largest area when you look at the combined statistical area.

Nicknames for Indianapolis include “Naptown” “Circle City” “Crossroads of America”

Several fortune 500 companies are based in Indianapolis.  Anthem, Eli Lilly, and Simon Property group (which is the largest real estate investment trust in the United States) are located in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis has a climate that has 4 seasons which include a very cold winter with mild to moderate amounts of snow–sometimes accumulation can go past a foot, with very hot and humid summers.



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