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If you find or see a roach there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed because it doesn’t mean you did something wrong.


Unfortunately, cockroaches are one of the very common pests in the Indy area that every resident could eventually have to deal with.  You might keep your home clean on a regular basis and still be invaded by these nasty pests.  Just because you have a clean house doesn’t mean your neighbors home is the same way.  It seems that the amount of roach problems are keeping a steady pace with the rising number of foreclosed homes.  Once these invasive pests eat the food in an abandoned home they’ll come searching for food in the nearest building.

Our experienced exterminators can remove them while also helping to prevent any future invasions.  Call (317) 474-6571 to learn more right now.

Cockroaches are great at adapting to new environments, unlike most pests.  This makes them sometimes a little more difficult to detect and get rid of.  Not only are they dreadful and unclean, but they also pose a health risk to humans.

These vermin can carry unhealthy bacteria, which can be easily transferred to humans.  They can contaminate dishes, home surfaces, and food. In humans, this could lead to food poisoning and diarrhea. Keeping food in sealed containers can be another essential precautionary step to take.


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Keep your loved ones healthy; call us at the first sign of roaches!

Protecting Your Family from cockroaches


They can access your property through any crack you can imagine.  To prevent them from entering your structure it’s important to plug up any holes close to baseboards, pipes, and windows.  The will frequently hide beneath paper or cardboard boxes, so ensure that you get rid of any of these hiding spots also.

In our experience, in-store solutions for cockroaches are worthless.  The substance our cockroach exterminators use to eradicate these pests is far more powerful than what you’ll find inside a store.  We’ve had a few customers who waited a few years before finally contacting us to get rid of their problem!

The cockroach removal service our company offers is reasonably priced and we guarantee our work.   You should not have to deal with these nasty creatures another day!  Give us a call at (317) 474-6571 today and we’ll supply you with a totally free estimate and schedule your appointment.

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