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Maybe they’re in your kitchen or break room, or your bathroom(s); regardless our ant control technicians can help. Ants are very tricky to treat because the particular type will determine the kind of treatment needed. So, if you’re using a control spray you picked up at Home Depot but it doesn’t seem to be working, that’s likely the reason. The product you’re using isn’t designed to target the type of ant you’re dealing with.

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Professional ant treatments!

Nobody likes having this pest in their home. Our company can help you with ant treatment so you can get the complete relief you desire.  It’s important to determine the type, then it’s time to determine where they’re coming in at.  By only addressing the ones you’re seeing, you’re only eliminating part of the population.  The others will continue showing up.  When you hire a professional to handle these pests, like our own skilled techs you can expect better results.

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Maybe you already tried to solve the invasion on your property or maybe you’ve just started to see a few here and there.  Our professional pest control technicians can inspect and devise the best approach for treatment to help you effectively solve the problem.  Just contact us at (317) 474-6571 to learn more about our solutions for any pest problem you’re having.

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“All around great services. Our tech arrived on time and with all the equipment needed to handle the job. We haven’t seen many bugs since he was here a few weeks ago. Very happy with the results.” – Jack A., Indianapolis, IN



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